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An Impressive Portfolio of Clients

Our Solutions - Their Success



Loyal Client

It's a great honor to contribute to Taiwan's wind power industry and drive the development of Taiwan's marine
technology industry -First Energy Taiwan Co.,Ltd.



Committed Long-Term Partners

“First Energy_
風元自能科技股份有限公司 transformed our company by taking us mobile and implementing Renewable Energy Navigator solutions, which gave our employees the flexibility they needed to work most efficiently.”



Greatly Improved Business

“By really listening to our technology needs, First Energy_
風元自能科技股份有限公司 provided solutions that fit our unique business model. Their ongoing support and services have been instrumental to our company’s growth.”



Oversea Client

"Our company has confidently chosen First Energy_
風元自能科技股份有限公司. for our blade inspection &repair needs over many years. They always make sure we’re ahead of the technology curve, and are also very enjoyable to work with."

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