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As a Partner in the Wind power system , First Energy_
風元自能科技股份有限公司 is always pushing the frontier of technology’s impact on the world and sharing information on evolving industry trends. Check out our news and events to learn more about our latest press releases, upcoming seminars, recent awards and more.

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$ 3Million From Private Fund to Accelerate Growth

First Energy Corp. Receives $ 3Million From Private Fund to Accelerate Growth
Taipei – July 15, 2020
(Taipei, July 15, 2020) –First Energy Corp. announced today that it has received a $3 million investment from private capital Winner RV Limited (major shareholders are Taiwan’s Public listing company chairman Sanyang Motor and Adly Moto respectively ) for its A series round. First Energy Corp. will use the funding to further support the development of its drone and AI based blade inspection technology and wind turbine predictive maintenance system. It also plans to accelerate the mass-deployment of its solutions in the Asia pacific marketplace.
First Energy Corp.  is known for combining smart hardware, computer-vision-based photo recognition, analytics, and deep learning to deliver fast and accurate data-driven insights. These rich insights let customers reduce their pain points and increase their business and profitability.
For wind industry, First Energy Corp. combines autonomous drones, high-resolution photography, and deep-learning algorithms to “inspect” and analyze turbine blades. Vital information on blade weakness or damage is identified and delivered to customers just hours after inspection. Such work previously took days to complete and required on-site inspection crews. With the additional funding, First Energy Corp. will be able to perfect its autonomous wind turbine inspections and explore more market opportunity around the world, Asia pacific region specifically.
“First Energy Corp. has spent the past two years using tightly-integrated hardware and software to provide AI services for wind energy industries,” stated Founder and CEO Dennis Chang. “With the new funding, we’re now ready to blitz-scale the service to customers across the globe.”
More About First Energy Corp.
Taiwan-based First Energy Corp. was founded in June 2019. Their research and development team includes alumnus from prestigious universities like U. Michigan, NTU, NTHU, NCTU, and NTUST. First Energy Corp. also has close industry-academic collaboration with advanced labs in NCTU and NTUST.

First ever wind turbine inspection with drone and AI technology in Taiwan’s energy history

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